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What has the press been saying?

Peeple is the Runner-Up of the 2015 Hardware Battlefield
Say goodbye to the days of worrying about what time the kids got home, if the package arrived, or if there’s a potential intruder at the rental property.

Internet of Things: Peeple tells you who's at the door
Meet Peeple; a front door's new best friend - a small camera fixed onto the inside of a front door's peephole.

Peeple wins investment and partnership with John Lewis
Read about our success in Europe in The Sunday Times.

Now on!
Visit Peeple's profile to learn about investment opportunities.

What is Peeple?

How It Works Image

Peeple is a smart camera that attaches to existing peepholes and easily connects to home Wi-Fi to identify, inform, screen, and alert people to any outside presence.
Your door doesn't have to be a blind spot any more!

Easy to install

Just unscrew your existing peephole, slide the Peeple bracket on and screw it back onto the door. You may not even need any tools!

Free App

Our easy to use app lets you control how and when you are notified about the activity at your door.

WiFi Enabled

Peeple easily connects to your home's existing wifi using the camera on your phone.

Long Battery Life

Peeple is optimized to use very little power. Under normal use it should only need charging every six months.

A brief history of Peeple

We churned through a number of prototypes during the Highway1 Fall 2014 Hardware Accelerator Program
on the way to perfecting Peeple.  Below are a few photos of the highlights.

click for more of our experiences at Highway1
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